December 10, 2004

It sounds like this poet is describing his experience surfing blogs.

Poem: "The Mind is a Hawk," by Walter McDonald, from Night Landing © Harper and Row

The Mind is a Hawk

The mind is like a hawk, trying to survive
on hardscrabble. Hunting, you wheel
sometimes for hours on thermals

rising from sand so dry
no trees
grow native. Some days, you circle
only bones and snakeskin, the same old

cactus and mesquite. The secret
is not to give up on shadows, but glide
until nothing expects it, staring

to make a desert give up dead-still
ideas like rabbits with round eyes
and rapidly beating hearts.


Blogger Harrison shared an opinion...

Hey, thanks for introducing me to this poem; don't think I've read the poet before.


3:57 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous shared an opinion...

That was beautiful. I think I'm going to link to it right now. Thx for posting... :)

Paul Moment

7:17 pm  
Blogger Misha Tch. shared an opinion...

I still fail to get my kicks out of poetry in English, but I sure do agree with your comment that the poem describes something similar to blog surfing. I joined Blog Explosion a few days ago. You might have heard of it. The concept is pretty neat, but I got disenchanted very quickly. What you do is visit other members' pages and get half as many visitors in return. However the problem is that people (I am included) simply wait for the compulsory 30 seconds and then click the "next blog" button. Not much of quality reading, I'm afraid. All those hits ring hollow.

10:43 am  
Anonymous Anonymous shared an opinion...

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Keep in touch :)

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