November 23, 2004


Here's another list of fun words. How many of these do you know and use?

abulia, bathetic, clerisy, dobbin, euthenics, folderol, forlorn hope, idlesse, ingle, lazar, mufti, obtund, pater noster (not the religious definition), rennin, satori, squamous, succes d'estime, tristful, virid, zero-sum


Blogger Special Sauce shared an opinion...

Sadly enough, not enough of them, although mufti is one of the fun words ever.

Thanks for everything you said at my space, would like to contact you directly, if you don't mind. If you would like- please email aurolyn AT gmail DOT com (you know the substitution drill) and don't worry, I'm not going to ask you for advice of a professional nature!


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