October 05, 2004

Eats, Reads and Leaves

I'll admit it: I was skeptical at first. Honestly, how many of you can say that the subject of punctuation fascinates you? Yeah, same here. However, after hearing rave reviews from friends and news sources alike, I sat down in my favorite book store with a slice of carrot cake and a copy of Eats, Shoots and Leaves. Within moments, I was laughing so hard that I sprayed carrot crumbs across my table, necessitating a quick departure.


Blogger Erin shared an opinion...

I heard a review of this book on NPR a few months ago. I'll hafta check it out. Maybe it can help me with my grammar follies.

10:27 am  
Anonymous Anonymous shared an opinion...

I read this too. I'm afraid I actually needed to read it. My punctuation and grammar are often pretty bad. I like your site. I'll be linking it soon.

8:05 am  

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