October 25, 2004

Isn't this one of the signs of the apocalypse?

I know, I know...I'm being elitist here. However, no matter how proletarian my sympathies, I can't help but shudder to learn that the last bastion of the English language, the OED, has been infiltrated with words like "doh!" in what can only be called the slippery slope of Simpson. What's next? Queen Elizabeth telling Camilla to "talk to the hand"? Tony Blair beginning a Parliament address by screeching "Whazzzzzzzzzzzup"? If we can't count on the veddy proper British to maintain the English language, what's left to believe in? Certainly not the American Linguistic Society, which selected this Homerism as one of the most useful words of 1996. They were offended by stalkerazzi but somehow viewed Homer Simpson as original and clever...reminds me of another over-used bon mot: dumbing down.


Blogger James shared an opinion...

What I find so very remarkably funny about this type of thing. Is that no matter how stupid the slang term is, and no matter how irritating we all find it in the english language. Eventually all of these words and phrases become accepted. I used to rail against the phrase "my bad" as being the stupidest combination of words to ever be spoken in english. Now you cannot go anywhere(even England) without hearing someone saying it. It is somewhat sad but also something of a testement to how versitile the english language really is that it can survive such onslaughts and come out as an effective form of communication.

Also, I heard recently that some schools are considering adding "ebonics" language classes to thier curriculum.

Professor Henry Higgins hangs himself.

-The Reverend Maniac

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