November 08, 2007

A braggodocio of bloggers

I had a conversation with my father tonight about various group names for animals and we were able to recall the following:

An army of ants
A troop of baboons
A swarm of bees
An intrigue (or a clowder) of cats
A herd of cattle/elephants
A murder of crows
A pod of dolphins/whales
A raft of ducks/otters
A school of fish
A gaggle of geese
A string of horses
A pride of lions
A parliament of owls
An ostentation of peacocks
An unkindness of ravens
A flock of seagulls/sheep
A knot of snakes
A kiss of vampires (okay, so they aren't animals, but I still like the phrase)
A pack of wolves

After spending some more time online, I found a few more terms that I didn't know, such as a flamboyance of flamingoes, an exaltation of larks, a convocation of eagles and a business of ferrets. Wouldn't conversations would be more fun if people still used these terms?

What are some of the best collective terms that you've read? Better yet, why don't you make some up to share?


Blogger Chris Graham shared an opinion...

I have a feeling lots of those were just made up. I've heard those too, but I've never heard one single person use them, not read it in a I'm thinking someone decided one day to come up with a list just for fun.

"Army of toads" is the only one I can remember that I don't see on this list.

"A flamboyance of flamingoes," haha!

6:41 pm  

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